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So Many Flowers, So Many Decisions!

When planning your special day there are so many things to consider and it can often feel over whelming as you try to break down all of your needs and wants. Flowers are a very important part of the theme and design of your wedding day. The floral arrangements compliment and set apart your dress, your bridal party attire and your venue.

So what do you look for when you are choosing your florist and designing this critical element? Think about practical things like budget, time of the year, theme and venue.


How much are you comfortable spending on your floral arrangements? At Mini Rose Farm Floral when you sit down with our artist, Joy Suits, she will walk you through a variety of different price point options. Adding some less expensive varieties to help "fill" the arrangements and choosing design elements that can stretch your budget are just a few of the ways that she can help you to have the look you want at a cost you can afford.

Time of Year

One way to keep on budget is considering the time of year. Choosing seasonal flowers and elements that are easy to come by help establish your theme and stretch your budget. While poinsettias at Christmas may seem a bit cliche', what better sets the theme for a winter wonderland that the bright red leaves adorned with some glistening glitter to represent all that is holly and jolly? Do you love all that it is fall? Warm hues and sunflowers sing of cooler fading sunsets and evening breezes. There are so many ways to use the season of your nuptials in your floral design.


Is your venue a place that already has some floral arrangements or beautiful natural elements? Simple may go a long way in these instances. Years ago, brides chose opulent candelabras that spread across the front of the church, however, many brides now choose much simpler looks. Are you looking to decorate an arch or perhaps a chuppa, the traditional Jewish wedding canopy? What elements from your venue can you accessorize and utilize?


As you have seen with with some of our other posts, creative and artistic floral design can take a theme to the next level! Rustic touches like burlap can add flair to a country wedding. Floral designs that imitate an item like our ice cream sundae arrangements from a few weeks ago are precious touches that add fun and whimsy.

When you have a wedding professional who is looking to serve you affordably and help you to realize your dreams, the possibilities are endless! Flowers for your wedding are a huge investment in your big day! Interview your florist and see what creative ideas she has in order to help you realize your vision. Of course, at Mini Rose Farm Floral, you are our only wedding for the day so you will be the priority!!!

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