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Do it yourself or Do it Professionally is a common question that we often find bride's asking themselves.

Sometimes a bride already knows she enjoys the creative aspects of design and loves the feeling of accomplishing beautifully creative decor for her home or workspace. This bride is the woman who is perfectly capable of creating breathtaking pieces with a professional feel.

Sometimes a bride enjoys a challenge, needs to save a few bucks and thinks well...maybe we can make this work without the cost of hiring a professional. This bride really doesn't have the experience but has well meaning friends and family who are willing to pitch in and make it happen.

So how do these DIY brides fare when it comes to the big day? Sometimes wonderfully and sometimes things start to fall apart! Ask me how I know? Let's just say my DIY veil slipped off the back of my head during my wedding ceremony 23 years ago! Those who noticed thought it was planned thanks to my wonderful maid of honor who gently took it from my hands and just added it behind her bouquet. But in that moment...and even 23 years later...I wish I would have splurged just a little for a different veil. I don't get my wedding back and those extra dollars would have never been missed in the long run.

DIY doesn't always balance the budget the way that you think it might. By the time you purchase all of the supplies that your professionals already have on hand like floral foam, wire, tape, snips, etc you have put a lot of money into things you may never use again. Not to mention, a professional florist always has the little extra touches that can really spruce up the overall look of the work, like ribbons, lace, beading and extra little itemss that they keep on hand or have leftover from other jobs.

So we have talked about the supplies but let's talk about the stress level! Hiring a professional florist for your wedding florals takes a lot of stress out of the prep and planning for you and your wedding party. It is the florist's job to make sure that everything not only looks picture perfect, but stays that way right up to the delivery and set up. Imagine putting all that work into flowers the night before your event in a great DIY adventure only to wake up and find out that they didn't stay cool enough through the night and began to wilt or your tape begins to unravel and now you have to reset the corsages and boutonnieres before they can be pinned on. Talk about a logistical nightmare!

DIY is fun! It can be beautiful! But do you really want to leave these details up to you and your wedding party hours before one of the most important days of your life? Do you really want to gamble through that? Hiring someone with the skills, supplies, back up plans, and expertise to carryout your dreams to a reality is why we are here. So maybe for this most important occasion, you may really want to to rethink DIY...and go DIP...because doing it professionally can make all the difference.

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