Reality Check: Hire a florist for your wedding!

Let’s make this the day we end DIY wedding flowers!

We all have budgets that we want to stretch as far as we can. When it comes to your wedding, there’s an even stronger desire to balance budget with aesthetics. You’re considering your personal, once-in-a-lifetime experience, your guest’s impressions, and photos that will last a lifetime.

Doing your own wedding flowers involves more than placing live flower stems in a container and setting them on a table.

Imagine the stress:

  • Waiting on flowers to arrive

  • Cleaning each and every flower

  • Arranging your flowers in a way that they look beautiful and complement one another

  • Ensuring the flowers stay hydrated until your event

  • Transporting your arrangements to the venue in a way that they make it all in one piece

  • Attaching the arrangements to your arch, on chairs along the aisle, or on the perimeter of a doorway.

There are online distributors who make DIY sound so amazing….you can get your flowers delivered to your door, clean them yourself, and arrange yourself! Saving hundreds of dollars!

A Tale of Florals in a Snowstorm

What they don’t tell you is the nightmare stories…so allow me. February was brutal! The amount of snow, the amount of ice across the country. Several brides called Mini Rose Farm in a panic because their wedding flowers were sitting in a warehouse somewhere DYING!

You know what happens to flowers that are shipped during a major storm? The shipper claims extenuating circumstances and there are no refunds. That’s right….no flowers, wasted money, and added stress.

But I’m getting married in July!

So you are thinking, “no problem, I’m getting married in July. There won’t be a winter storm in July.” You would be right. However, do you live where shippers consider a “rural zone,” where packages arrive to your house after 4 p.m. Do you know those delivery trucks aren’t air conditioned? It’s July, and your perfectly beautiful flowers arrive looking and feel hotter than a Caribbean sunset! Why take that chance?

What sets florists apart

With years of experience, florists have the knowledge and expertise to take floral arrangements off your plate. We know what’s in season and how they will hold up for the entire wedding. We know what vases & containers work best with the flowers. We get discounted prices from wholesalers because we order in bulk and have established relationships.

Still want to DIY?

Keep this in mind:

  • You will need to purchase your vases/lanterns/candles/holders, store them in the meantime, and give away, sell, or store them afterward

  • Remember to purchase floral equipment from a craft store, learn how to use the supplies, and then never use it again

  • Set aside enough time:

  • 4-5 hours of cutting and cleaning to prepare your flowers

  • 5-6 hours arranging flowers the day before your event when you should be enjoying your family, friends and your event

  • 2-3 hours moving all your décor into your wedding venue