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Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

When planning your special day, details are so important! As you talk to your florist, don't forget to ask what special touches she can add to the reception! Cascading flowers dress up a simple, elegant wedding cake and reintroduce the ceremony details to the reception, tying the whole event together. Many brides now opt away from the layers and layers of sweet butter cream flowers for this classy look.

Many brides and grooms are even choosing alternative desserts to serve their guests! Everything from dessert bars to donuts or cupcakes!

Regardless of your dessert choice, your florist can add flowers, ribbons or other accents to dress up the display to make your special choices stand out and be as unique as you are!

And of course, as I always say, your wedding choices should reflect the two of you as a couple! Be fun, creative, witty and express who the two of you are as individuals and as a team. Wedding planning is just one of the first of many adventures the two of you will share!

Blessings and Dreams Come True,


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