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It's All in the Details

Let's talk about one of my favorite aspects of this business! Let's talk about wedding coordination! I have had the honor of providing this service and truly have been touched by the kind comments from those I was able to assist! The entire wedding party truly sees the value in this by the end of the event!

If you are familiar with our website, then you may have noticed that we have a NEW page dedicated to our wedding coordination services, ranging from "day of" coordination up to full service coordination. Wedding coordination services are available in various areas including Northern Virginia and the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Please check it out and email us for details on how this service might benefit you!

That's a great question!! How does wedding coordination help the bride, the groom, the professionals, the wedding party and the families on the big day? It's simple. It is all in the DETAILS!

Details, like lace and ribbon in coordinating colors, pull together an event look.

Having a wedding coordinator from the planning stage to the grand getaway gives you a professional dedicated to seeing through all of the details. A coordinator can help you to find credible professionals, negotiate contracts for services and insure that the people you are putting in place are as dedicated to this day as you are. A coordinator makes things so much easier for your wedding day as they are the liaison for the day making sure that things go off without a hitch while you have the opportunity to take in each moment of the day, relaxing with your wedding party, getting ready and breathing in the beauty of the moments. The coordinator helps things flow throughout the day, moving you through the preparation, timing the walk down the isle and coordinating with the musicians, guiding the guests and professionals through your photo time, and assisting with the flow of the reception so that the traditional and personal moments are fluid throughout the event.

Bride and Groom Emergency Bags are filled with those little things that may be needed in an emergency during the wedding day!

Wedding coordination takes the pressure off of the couple and the family to insure that things are handled well, that unexpected things are handled quickly and quietly, and that every detail from start to finish is executed beautifully. Most brides wouldn't tackle making their own wedding dress, unless of course, that is their area of expertise. So most brides are going to enjoy their special day even more if they have an expert to walk them through the details!

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