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Why Pay A Florist?

Let's talk about the decision to pay a florist for your floral needs verses going wholesale and putting together your own look. Now, I know what you are thinking, this is a florist website, of course she is going to say "pay the florist"! Not exactly, we know that sometimes a bride wants to have her hands involved in every detail. Mini Rose Farm Floral does offer an option to help the DIY bride. Our expert florist, Joy Suits, will come to you and assist you in putting together those breathtaking pieces, allowing you to put your stamp on the day while being assisted by someone who has the working knowledge to make it perfect.

But let's be real! Floral design is hard work! It is a passionate type of work where the professional, committed to their craft, puts a little bit of themselves in every piece. We couldn't help but laugh a little when posting the picture below; you could say Joy puts in her blood, sweat and tears to make every piece perfect. You would be right! The thorns on these beautiful roses were no joke!

What are the benefits of choosing a florist to complete these jaw-dropping, breathtaking, creations for your wedding? Flowers are more than petals and thorns and leaves and stems. Wedding flowers are little stories, small representations of the two of you that are scattered throughout the venue, held or worn by your loved ones, and that leave a lasting impression on your guests. Hiring the right person to hear your story, feel your hearts, and put together these fragrant, colorful and unique elements is a worthwhile investment into the overall look and feel of your wedding. We strive to create that look on a budget you can afford but it takes work.

When you hire a florist you are paying for the expertise, the creativity, the delivery and set up, oh, and someone to take care of the mess! Floral design is a messy and space consuming business! When you hire a professional, you don't see what happens before those beautiful creations make it to the venue, which is why I wanted to give you a little sneak peek at the behind the scenes.

If you have questions on the process, prices or different packages that we offer, from a little hands on to completely hands off, just send us a message! We can walk you through each of your options and help you make the best decision for your perfect day!

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